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LightCode for DO119

Our standalone mini-game where the objective is to press the buttons to unlock the CODE and WORDS

LoFi, HiPo (Low Fidelity, High Potential)!

Play, Win, Peacock, Redeem!!!

The LightCode Game for DO119

  • Tap the squares, progress the 500 levels, unlock the CODE and WORDS
  • Static, Flashing, Moving, Triple Presses, Symbols and Numbers with Tap, Duel Tap and Slide
  • Collect points, increase your Performance Ranking value and complete the Work Pass to convert to Energy Cards

Rank on the Leaderboard and get REWARDS in LightCode!!

  • SIGN UP and rank on the Leaderboard
  • Total Points, your Performance Ranking and the number of Energy Cards (converted from Work Pass) = your position on the Leaderboard
  • Rewards are the CODE and WORDS, alongside visual and audio in COMPUTATIONALAESTHETICS

The LightCode Work Pass and Energy Cards

  • The Work Pass requires:
    Login every 2 days, win 2 levels, get 1 CODE WORD, win 5 levels, get 3 CODE WORDS, watch 1 RW, and 15 min of PLAYTIME
  • After completing Work Pass convert to Energy Card for ranking, or…
  • Use completed Work Pass to skip difficult levels

What is the game LightCode?

This is a simple lite game – It will lead you to the main game DO119 later …

Tap and Slide

You beat the levels where you press the correct squares of Static, Flashing, Moving, Triple Presses, Symbols and Numbers by using your skills of Tap, Duel Tap and Slides

Complete your Work Pass

The Work Pass has 7 items to complete it -everytime you complete this items you unlock a Work Pass

Uncover the CODE WORD

As you complete the SEGMENT groups of levels – special groups of 2, 3, 5 and 7 levels – you unlock the CODE WORD feature

Rank on the Leaderboard for rewards!

Accumulate points and build up your Performance Ranking to feature on the Leaderboard!

Learn about the main DO119 game …

Excitement builds – go to www.do119.com

Utilize the LightCode as your in game AUTHENTICATOR

The LightCode game allows you to also use the CODE WORDS as an authenticator in the main game

“LightCode is an Information Communication Experience.

We need you as the army – you will build the future with us into DO119”




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